Solving Valuable Business Problems with Voice AI

Over the course of my tenure at ConverzAI, I have experienced dozens of staffing industry events, engaged in thousands of customer conversations, and witnessed firsthand the transformative potential of Voice AI in the staffing industry. There’s an undeniable demand for our innovative technology. Since well before Ashwarya Poddar, Founder and CEO at ConverzAI, introduced the Voice AI platform we’ve been hard at work applying Voice AI to the staffing industry’s most impactful challenges.

This technology has blown my mind. Every day I meet with staffing leaders to share candidate screening calls performed by Voice AI powered virtual recruiters. I have heard ConverzAI described as “magic”, “talking to the future”, and mine & the team’s favorite “I’m just flabbergasted!”. It’s insane! Staffing organizations can now engage with their candidate pool instantly across voice calls, voicemails, email, and text to quickly fill jobs or service entire accounts, and here’s the cherry on top! The platform scales infinitely, to cover more jobs, candidates, and applicants. 

So yes, Voice AI technology is cool.

I’ve set out here, with a fresh Keurig Peppermint Mocha, to share the value our staffing customers realize from Voice AI. It’s more revenue through more placements, an improved candidate experience, and maximized database investments. Reaching more candidates faster brings a wide range of benefits, but if you’re looking to invest in Voice AI, these are the most impactful outcomes Voice AI delivers to staffing. 

Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned in over 20 years in the staffing industry it’s that staffing leaders need to see the gravy! Technology adoption in this industry is driven by the impact on an organization’s most important KPIs and the speed to value. 

Boosting Topline with Voice AI

Filling more jobs means more revenue. But what I’ve found most surprising and impactful is how Voice AI enables a variable cost investment model vs. the fixed cost model staffing leaders historically have adhered to. You have to spend money to make money in staffing. Ideally, the money you spend is a small fraction of the money you make, and you don’t have to wait for the return.

A fixed-cost investment to boost staffing revenue, like onboarding a new team or offshore group, is paid up-front and set-up times can balloon that cost before the first recruiting call is even made. With ConverzAI’s outcome-based pricing model your Voice AI investment is made at the same time as the return and at a predictable percentage of that return. Organizations scaling Voice AI through this variable cost revenue growth model see a revenue boost at a better profit margin than revenue generated through existing teams.

I believe recruiters are a staffing organization’s most valuable asset and they should be treated as such. Focus your recruiters on closing qualified candidates and building valuable relationships versus the drudgery of daily call-a-thons. Recruiters working with the ConverzAI platform make more incentives through increased placements.

Improved Candidate Experience with Voice AI

With ConverzAI staffing organizations deliver a fast, transparent, consistent, and personalized experience. An applicant to a job managed by ConverzAI hears from your organization immediately for screening. Forget about ghosting applicants, some put serious time into their applications, and rely on ConverzAI for immediate follow-up across phone calls, voicemails, emails, and texts.

Staffing organizations track applicant-to-hire ratios, speed through the hiring process, and candidate reviews as key indicators of revenue growth and operational efficiency. Candidates appreciate the directness, honesty, and focus of the Voice AI recruiting experience. Immediate follow up on conversations drives faster onboarding and follow-on assessment completion rates.

From the staffing leader’s perspective, we guarantee consistency across all candidates’ experiences, detailed notetaking and reporting, and the all-important speed & scale required to fill jobs quickly.

Maximizing Database Investments

The second largest investment that every staffing organization makes is to grow their database of current and future job seekers. Hundreds of millions are spent each year on third party job boards, social networks, and job fairs to build detailed and current profiles of job seekers worldwide. For each of these investments staffing organizations need to see a return and sooner is always better.

Scaled Voice AI ensures staffing organizations engage with each job-relevant candidate they paid for and that those candidates are constantly enriched from each engagement. With a complete job description ConverzAI will automatically source relevant candidates from your database and engage them instantly. More of your network will hear about relevant opportunities increasing the chance of a placement for that role and future roles.

Actionable data from Voice AI interactions at the individual level and job wide aggregations help keep a candidate database current while ensuring you have the right recruiting strategy to maximize it. These systems must constantly be in motion to provide a present view of a candidate’s current role, time in that role, and skill set. One timely interaction with a candidate might be all that’s required to land a placement and the more data you have the better your chance is of catching them at the right time.

ConverzAI documents each interaction to your system, updating profiles to ensure a large-scale refresh of your candidate database. At a higher level, insights from thousands of conversations help you tailor your recruiting strategy to make the most of your database.

Thanks so much for reading. I couldn’t be more excited about the impact easily deployable Voice AI is having on the staffing industry. Organizations will see a boost to their topline, an improved and consistent candidate experience, and better returns on database growth investments.

Get in touch by requesting a demo with our group if you think your recruiting team can benefit from Voice AI.  

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