Introducing the Voice AI Platform for Scaling Human Engagement

At last! All I heard was silence. It is ready.

After months of customer feedback loops and years of development, our early-stage customers are now realizing transformational value from Voice AI. I had asked, “What more can this platform do for you?” dozens of times. Now, at last, we are ready to share the culmination of many years’ work with you.

I’d like to introduce ConverzAI, our vision, and what our first customers are saying.

At the end of 2019, I was reflecting on the decade I spent building enterprise products for Sales and Customer service. My team had reached a point where we were analyzing sales phone calls, right after it was completed, to coach sellers. We proved a strong business impact but I wondered at that time, what would create the most business impact? A transformational impact.  

Analyzing phone calls in real-time would unlock incredible value but conducting the entire business conversation through technology would be simply game-changing! 

Consider this in the recruiting and staffing context. There is a week where there are an insane number of jobs to fill and you just don’t have the recruiter capacity to talk to all the relevant candidates. What if a superpower was given to your recruiting team to deliver high-quality candidates in record turnaround time with no cap on volume? Now, add on top of this 0 ghosting on candidates to deliver an amazing candidate experience. Doesn’t that sound transformational?

I founded ConverzAI to create transformational value for organizations through readily deployable Voice AI allowing organizations to scale their engagement strategies, raise their revenue, and create a better end-user experience.   Now recruiting and staffing teams, you can automate candidate screening at scale while maintaining the human touch. Our AI solutions help staffing and recruiting companies quickly achieve their revenue potential by scaling candidate engagement processes while delivering powerful strategic insights that encourage you to refine your strategy to help more candidates land the job they desire. If I’ve already caught your attention, request a demo here, you must see the platform in action.

I founded ConverzAI to create transformational value for organizations through readily deployable Voice AI allowing organizations to scale their engagement strategies, raise their revenue, and create a better end-user experience.

How It Works

Conversations with popular digital voice assistants last for a few seconds. A single inquiry. Conversations through our Voice AI platform last on average between 6 and 21 minutes. We’ve already heard thousands of calls progress through discussions on job descriptions, candidate qualifications, and decision criteria all driving towards more job placements for staffing teams. 

The ConverzAI platform engages with thousands of candidates for multiple jobs concurrently and sends insights to recruiters. 

We solved for candidate engagement and assessment, and now we have also automated sourcing. Today as soon as jobs land in your Applicant Tracking System (ATS), ConverzAI’s voice platform will pick it up, source relevant candidates from your ATS, engage with them across channels; including call, voicemail, text, and email, and send a summary of the assessment to recruiters in real-time. Recruiters can now place the best candidates with incredible efficiency.

For me the conversations will always come before AI, hence “ConverzAI”. This is what inspires us to innovate. The engagement experience matters the most and we have spent 3 years ensuring that experience is human-like and transparent to sustain meaningful long conversations.

Key Benefits

We have proven a transformational impact on staffing and recruiting organizations across IT, Healthcare, Light industrial, Office/Clerical, and Accounting roles, and more. Automated sourcing, screening, and assessment delivers more revenue, faster, while providing valuable conversation-based insights. Staff leaders can rest easy knowing that once a job has been assigned to our Voice AI platform we will deliver a better candidate experience complete with cross channel follow-ups and no ghosting of candidates.

It has been the most rewarding professional experience of my life to see our Voice AI deliver outstanding customer value. Thanks to Voice AI, our client IDR Inc. achieved an impressive topline impact of $690k and made over 300 submissions. The candidate connection rate exceeded 40% with more than 8,800 candidates expressing interest in job opportunities. Read the full story to hear advice for deploying Voice AI from Will Hayes, Chief Operating Officer at IDR Inc.

Integrity Staffing Solutions, unveiled their team’s remarkable results with Voice AI on our recent webinar. In just a short time Integrity Staffing Solutions has realized an incremental revenue boost of over $1.5m while seeing candidates move from application to placement in just 1.5 hours.

Insights from thousands of calls give their executives the data they need to refine recruitment strategy and recognize opportunity areas. Our customers are engaging with their entire candidate pool enhancing candidate record keeping and data cleanliness.

I recently shared the ConverzAI company values which I made sure included our team wide commitment to deliver transformational value to our customers. This will always be our first and foremost priority. We are committed to delivering value in the first days, not months after deployment.

Looking Ahead

My team and I are committed to the advancement of Voice AI and Conversational AI solutioning. Our journey has been marked by many significant milestones, and now we stand on the precipice of a new stage, gearing up to enhance our delivery of transformational value with readily deployable Voice AI. We look forward to forging ahead, breaking new ground, and continuing to revolutionize the industry.

Request a demo if your recruiters could use a boost from Voice AI and follow us on LinkedIn and Youtube to stay up to date on the latest.

Thank you for reading.

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