I.K. Hofmann Leverages Voice AI to Enhance Client and Candidate Experiences 

Client Overview

I.K. Hofmann, USA is a global employment agency providing staffing and human resource services, as well as vendor management and MSP services. The firm delivers optimized solutions for temporary staffing, temp-to-hire placements, direct hire of permanent positions, on-site administration, human resource management, and workforce management with MSP and VMS services.

Voice AI Platform Revolutionizes Staffing with Omni-Channel Engagement System

Romy Lindner is no stranger to finding efficiencies. Since the moment she began working as a business analyst for I.K. Hofmann, Romy has optimized processes, implemented key performance indicators, and added structures to support the company’s growth. Now, as the director of project management, Romy continues to search for and implement continuous improvements in communication strategies.

I work closely with our innovation management team in Germany, trying to find strategies to evolve our company, gain a competitive advantage, and find new vendors,” said Romy. “I specifically focus on looking for technology that will make us more efficient and save money as well as time for our recruiters and salespeople, so they can focus on revenue-generating activities.

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Romy Lindner Director of Project Management, I.K. Hofmann
I.K. Hofmann, a global staffing and human resources organization, has spent the last 35 years offering candidates a world-class employee experience. A competitive job market combined with a growing client base meant the company often needed to recruit a large number of employees quickly.
Romy was intrigued by the prospect of how ConverzAI’s Voice AI platform could benefit I.K. Hofmann’s U.S. based team of 30 employees. After seeing a demonstration, she believed I.K. Hofmann could leverage Voice AI to find even more perfect candidates for their clients while simultaneously reducing turnaround time.

Using Voice AI Saves Time and Optimizes Candidate Interactions

I.K. Hofmann specializes in staffing in light industrial, automotive and aviation staffing, so it often needs to meet high volumes, acquire applicant information, and screen applicants in a short period of time. But without a large recruiting workforce, I.K. Hofmann needed a reliable partner to help it conduct interviews at scale. It found that partner in Jamie, ConverzAI’s virtual recruiter.
Recruiting quality candidates takes time, and applications don’t tell the whole story of a person. The additional touchpoint of an interview provides important details recruiters need to decide about moving forward with the candidate.
Within minutes of receiving an application in the applicant tracking system (ATS), Jamie calls candidates. If they answer, she conducts an interview that may last up to 22 minutes, gaining additional insights about the candidate. If they don’t answer, she follows up with a voicemail, email, and text with her contact information and an ask for their availability for the screening call. Jamie then sends a summary of the interview to the recruiting team and adds it to the ATS, saving valuable time and providing additional details to move the candidate to the next step in the process.

Leveraging Voice AI to Deliver Quality Candidates at Scale

I.K. Hofmann put ConverzAI’s platform to the test soon after implementation. A huge client demand meant employees needed to be hired quicker than ever. Even though I.K. Hofmann didn’t have a large team of recruiters, it did have Virtual Recruiter Jamie.

Our client was in desperate need of a lot of candidates,” Romy explained. “Several positions opened and we needed to fill them quickly. ConverzAI’s Voice AI platform gave us the tools to do that, even in a time crunch.

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Romy Lindner Director of Project Management, I.K. Hofmann
Not only was it able to exceed the client’s demand for new hires, but the quality of the candidates increased as well. “I think they were overwhelmed with the amount of qualified candidates we sent. We actually sent more than they could handle,” Romy said.
With Jamie to conduct interviews and provide vital information to recruiters, the recruiters received insightful details about each candidate. Voice AI is uniquely positioned to harness the cutting-edge power of AI to gather additional information and both simplify and scale the recruitment process.

The customers have been very pleased with the quality of the candidates,” said Romy. “We included soft-skill questions to ask about things like their work ethic, what their supervisor would say, how many times they’ve called out for work. Jamie’s conversations give us a better picture of the candidate.

romy profile professinal
Romy Lindner Director of Project Management, I.K. Hofmann

The Transformational Value of Voice AI Provides a Better Client and Candidate Experience

I.K. Hofmann customers aren’t the only beneficiary of the transformational value of Voice AI. Every phone call from Jamie involves a hopeful applicant, a human being on the other end of the line. I.K. Hofmann wanted to make sure the candidate had a good experience as well, so it began sending a survey after every phone call from Jamie.

We’re asking questions like, ‘How personalized did the conversation feel?’ and ‘Did you feel like Jamie understood all your answers?’ Jamie received very high results.

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Romy Lindner Director of Project Management, I.K. Hofmann
Candidates consistently rate their experience with Jamie at 4.5 to 4.6 out of 5 stars, proving that Voice AI enhances the recruiting experience for everyone involved in the process. Some candidate comments include:

When you apply for a job and never hear back, that’s the worst experience you can have. Candidates prefer being interviewed by AI instead of not hearing back at all.

romy profile professinal
Romy Lindner Director of Project Management, I.K. Hofmann
Implementing ConverzAI’s Voice AI platform has enabled I.K. Hofmann to find more qualified candidates, even in areas where it didn’t have a physical location. AI Recruiter Jamie’s 24/7 availability, thoughtful questions, and candidate insights allow human recruiters to focus on personal interactions with candidates. Request a demo today to see how the transformative power of ConverzAI’s Voice AI platform can drive revenue growth while exceeding client and candidate expectations.