IDR Inc. Harnesses the Power of Voice AI: A Guide to Thriving in the Modern Staffing Landscape 

Client Overview

IDR Inc. is an employee-owned staffing organization that helps companies source, hire, and retain top talent. Recognized for best-in-class staffing services, IDR Inc. is founded and headquartered in Atlanta, where they have grown organically since 1998 to serve businesses and professionals throughout the Nashville, Dallas, and Denver markets.

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Will Hayes has seen it all.

With a career focused on excelling in recruiting, sales, and management, he has now assumed the position of Chief Operating Officer at IDR Inc. His goal? To propel a thriving staffing firm into the future by harnessing the power of state-of-the-art technology.

We were looking for a way to allow our recruiters to spend more quality time with the people they're recruiting and less time on screenings that can be done through technology innovation. We want our recruiters on the phone more and I need to enable them to speak to more qualified candidates

Will Hayes headshot
Will Hayes COO, IDR Inc

What Will hadn't seen yet? A Voice AI platform, built for end-to-end recruiting.

After being introduced to ConverzAI, Will quickly recognized Voice AI’s tremendous potential to enhance revenue and efficiency. He was determined to integrate ConverzAI’s Voice AI platform into IDR Inc.’s operations. By adopting a change management-focused approach to deploying Voice AI, IDR Inc. successfully harnessed the platform’s full value.

Augmenting Recruiters with Voice AI
Voice AI helps recruiters achieve more.

At IDR Inc., the ConverzAI platform was tasked with delivering recruiters highly qualified candidates for more than a thousand job openings in IT, finance, and engineering domains. Once assigned a job, the platform automatically sources and screens suitable candidates from their ATS, or instantly engages with applicants minutes after they apply. The screening conversations are summarized and updated to the candidate’s record in the ATS. Once a candidate is assessed as qualified, available, and interested, IDR Inc. recruiters receive a direct notification to submit or place the candidate.

"We're leveraging Voice AI for lead generation, especially with the ability to recruit in new markets nationally," Will Hayes noted. "We have seen the recruiters leveraging Voice AI improve their submittal volume while maintaining our 15 to 1 submission-to-hire ratio."

Will Hayes headshot
Will Hayes COO, IDR Inc
IDR Inc. has achieved remarkable outcomes through its implementation of Voice AI, with a significant portion of the success attributed to effective change management. Thanks to Voice AI, IDR Inc. achieved an impressive topline impact of $690k and made over 300 submissions. The candidate connection rate exceeded 40% with more than 8,800 candidates expressing interest in job opportunities.

"One of the things we underestimated is the change management. When you're innovating and driving new tech adoption, there will always be internal detractors, even when you can see tremendous results. Sharing best practices from your technology adopters and highlighting the tangible value realized is a really important step to effective change management" Will shared.

Will Hayes headshot
Will Hayes COO, IDR Inc
At IDR Inc., effective change management involved adopting a top-down approach to gain recruiter buy-in, implementing new accountability processes, and ensuring candidate acceptance of these innovative screening methods. This comprehensive strategy aimed to foster a seamless transition to Voice AI-augmented recruiting while preserving the original organizational structure.

A Tops Down Approach to Change Management

Recruiters provide an invaluable service to staffing agencies. Not just in delivering outstanding candidate experiences and new placements, but in providing feedback on new technology adoption and how to optimize staffing operations. Effective leaders cultivate an atmosphere of open and transparent communication while making direct connections with recruiters to ensure a comprehensive grasp of leadership mandates.

"I think it starts with me breaking through different belief systems. Recruiters don't understand the conversations that Voice AI is having." Will added. "Getting them on with the ConverzAI team and having them listen to a couple of calls to understand how the process works was instrumental in driving recruiter buy-in."

Will Hayes headshot
Will Hayes COO, IDR Inc
Once an understanding of the technology and new processes is established, staffing leaders should proactively highlight early success stories on team calls or through regional contests. By doing so, they can effectively showcase the positive outcomes and tangible benefits achieved through the implementation of the Voice AI platform. This not only boosts morale and motivation within the team but also serves as a valuable learning opportunity for recruiters to understand and replicate the success of their colleagues.

Change Management Means Accountability

Once ConverzAI’s Voice AI platform is deployed, staffing teams can expect a consistent influx of newly qualified candidates who must receive follow-up from recruiters. Establishing accountability for recruiters to follow up and provide feedback on newly qualified candidates is crucial in ensuring that everyone contributes to driving revenue growth.
“We do weekly calls with ConverzAI to curate the recruiting workflow for our business,” Will said. “ConverzAI did a great job holding us firm. Holding us accountable for following up with the candidates and providing feedback on the value of the engagements.”

Candidates Embrace Change

For over a decade, individuals have engaged in conversations with Voice AI. Digital agents like Siri and Alexa have gained widespread recognition and become household names. Skepticism is only natural when modern Voice AI platforms boast up to 20-minute-long humanlike screening conversations, with the ability to replicate the nuances of human speech and response patterns.

"I was surprised. At the time we had 50,000 candidates engaged with Voice AI and we had just 11 say that they weren't interested in pursuing the conversation." Will shared. "I've been impressed with the quality of conversations, and I think that's a really big deal."

Will Hayes headshot
Will Hayes COO, IDR Inc
The ConverzAI platform delivers outstanding candidate connection rates and captures valuable conversation-based data at an unprecedented rate thanks to ConverzAI’s long-standing dedication to improving the candidate experience. Omnichannel engagement with a proven cadence of communication steps ensures connections where and when candidates are available. Candidates engage in long and meaningful conversations thanks to the transparent, dynamic, and personalized conversational experience.

Staffing Leaders Embracing Voice AI

Will Hayes, Chief Operating Officer at IDR Inc., shared his advice for staffing leaders embarking on their Voice AI journey.

"Changing something that's worked for so long is scary. Everything was an inbound game for 2 years during the pandemic, but that is over, and now it’s an outbound game where you need to attract top talent. In the next 2 years improving your database quality and changing your recruiting workflow to scale candidate engagement is going to be critical and that's what this Voice AI technology does."

Will Hayes headshot
Will Hayes COO, IDR Inc


Will concluded by adding. “In just a few months with ConverzAI we have achieved remarkable results through over 65,000 candidate outreaches. We have almost 100 recruiters, they wouldn’t be able to get near half of that outreach, now they are reaping the rewards.”
The integration of ConverzAI’s Voice AI platform at IDR Inc. showcases the transformative potential of Voice AI technology in the recruitment process. From generating leads in new markets to enhancing submittal volumes while maintaining impressive submission-to-hire ratios, the results have been nothing short of remarkable. However, this success would not have been possible without the commitment to effective change management, ensuring recruiter buy-in, and fostering accountability. As the future of recruitment continues to evolve, IDR Inc., guided by the leadership of Will Hayes, is poised to remain at the forefront, driving revenue growth and efficiency through technological innovation.

Don’t let your staffing company miss out on this revolution in recruitment technology. Request a demo today and witness firsthand the transformative potential of ConverzAI’s Voice AI platform. Seize the opportunity to streamline your recruitment process, engage with more candidates, and drive your growth.

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